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COURTS   OF   PARISj   NAPLES,   ETC*                  25

The animosity of the Poles against the Empress
Catherine is very great and bursts out frequently.
Mrs, S. was saying that she should be very glad
to hear of the Empress being at Constantinople;
upon which a Polish gentleman exclaimed: " I
would rather hear of the Grand Turc being at St.
Petersburg. However, I should not object to her
being at Constantinople—a prisoner!"

7th. Dined at the VaL Villagers danced on
the lawn. Madame de Beauveau has a pretty
little negress called Ourika, whom the Chevalier
de Boufflers brought her as a present from Africa.
She brings her up as her own child. The poor
girl may be happy now. Query, whether she will
be so when she grows up ?l

There is a foundation at Le Meril of eighteen
livres a year, to be given to the married woman
of that village whose first child is not born till
nine months are complete from the day of her
marriage. The cur6 tells me there have not been
above six claimants in twenty-one years i

gth. I set out from Paris, traversed the
Pare de Vincennes and rode along a new road
to Neuilly-sur-Marne. The meadows of Chelles
are handsome, extensive, green and pretty about

i It was from this girl that the Duchess de Duras
took the idea of her novel, entitled " Ourika."